Work begins on West Bay church

Work has begun on the construction of the West Bay Church of God, a 5,000-square-foot worship centre on Town Hall Road.

West Bay Church of God worship centre

Pastor Stanwyck, left, oversees the work being carried out on the foundation for the new West Bay Church of God worship centre. Photo: Jewel Levy

The new West Bay sanctuary will replace the old church, which was deemed unsafe after damages from Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

The congregation discussed building a new sanctuary or repairing the old one for awhile, eventually deciding to tear down the building .

‘It was a good thing we decided to demolish the building because when it was torn down we discovered there was no steel in the walls,’ said Pastor Stanwyck Myles.

Since that time members of the congregation have been holding services in the church hall, which is also used for other activities and functions.

Pastor Myles said they are hoping the new building, which consists of a sanctuary, an office, two prayer rooms, a couple of bathrooms, a balcony and bell tower, will be completed sometime this year.

‘The new sanctuary has taken a long time in coming but it was due to a number of setbacks such as going back to planning for further approval,’ said Pastor Myles.

The official ground breaking ceremony was conducted by church officials in April of 2007.

‘The old church built by people in the community, including women, was dedicated in 1971. Although not very large it served the community well,’ said Pastor Myles. ‘Lots of people were blessed by the many services that took place there. Children in the community were dedicated there and lots were baptised.’

Pastors Andrews, Ebanks, Kluge, Johnson and Hunter are but a few of the dedicated men who gave their services to the church in those early days.

Pastor Myles took over from Pastor Hunter in 1991 and has been serving the church for the past 17 years.