Inmates renovating Northward Prison

Major renovations are taking place at HMS Northward Prison.

Soon to be completed will be a new two-storey education block and renovations on a library, computer and music room.

All the work, which involves plumbing, electrical carpentry and masonry is being carried out by inmates supervised by prison’s facilitator manager Michael Stevens.

Prison’s education coordinator Natalie Joseph-Caesar said the new building, across from the old education block will have two classrooms upstairs, one downstairs and a counselling centre when completed.

The new block will house 50 inmates enrolled in programmes such as math, English, GED literature, social studies and corresponding courses. At present, inmates are attending classes in the chapel.

Renovation work is also being carried out on a previously condemned building. When work is completed on the building, inmates will have access to a library, computer and music room.

Inmates have also completed work on a new gym building equipped with state-of-the-art exercise equipment.

Inmates, with the help of sponsors, have also built a barber shop which is opened daily for hair grooming.

‘All of this would not have been possible without kind donors such as the group from Atlantic Companies,’ said Natalie Joseph-Caesar prison’s education coordinator. On Monday David Titcombe and Robert Foster directors of Atlantic group of companies, made a donation of US$10,000 and toured the facilities.