Rotary Central comes clean

On Saturday 11 members of Rotary Central gathered at Frank Sound Beach, for their monthly environmental beach clean up program.

‘It was a great turn out especially considering the long holiday weekend’ said Director Community Service Ken Guiste.

‘At first glance the beach didn’t look too bad but after further investigation and three hours of clean up the Central Rotarians filled two trucks with up to 30 bags of garbage’ he said.

Participants in the clean up campaign were Rotarians Ken Guiste, Alan Silverman, Todd Davey, Neville Smith, Ben LeSueur, Sue Holmes, Naude Dreyer, Greg Vasic, Margaret Rattray, Gregg Anderson, Robin Garnham with Laura Silverman supporting her husband Alan.

Rotary Central makes an effort each month to clean up one of the many beaches around Cayman as part of their many Community Service projects. Rotary Central meets every Tuesday at the Marriott Beach Resort, Red Parrot Room 7pm.

The forthcoming Rotary Central Beach Clean Up will be in conjunction with Lions and Leos Service Clubs on 23 February at Public Beach, SMB.