Take time to find balance

Three-day weekends are good. They provide an opportunity to get off the daily grind, kick back, maybe accomplish some at-home jobs and regroup.

Work balance

One secret to achieving a balanced and low stress lifestyle is the ability to unplug, let your mind unwind and relax. This may be easier for some than others. Working parents, single moms and overly involved children may all feel there’s too much to juggle. Coping with stress seems to be the norm.

We want more, however, than to be coping people. We want healthy lifestyles, quality time and an enjoyable life.

Being able to disconnect from time to time is a survival skill in this modern age.

It’s not easy to disconnect in today’s busy communication age. When out for an early morning bike ride, I laughed with a North Side neighbour walking with his wife and dog while talking on the cell phone. Moments later, I was responding to my own cell phone as I rode onward. Business and friends are important after all.

There are times, however, when the demands of life may overwhelm you and unplugging is essential. Go play a game of golf. Take a swim. Do a Sudoku puzzle. Make a slow-cooking pot-roast. Take a nap.

Eliminating external noise is also helpful in de-stressing.

Turn off the blaring television, especially during meals, and teach your children to do the same. Play easy-listening and upbeat music or listen to the quiet. Be careful that senses can be overly stimulated with late-night television inhibiting a good and restful sleep.

Driving is stressful enough, turn off the cell phone while traveling from one part of the island to another. Calls can wait until you are safely parked.

Find and take some time for yourself daily. This may mean an early morning time before the family awakes, a walk alone or after-work gardening before the sun sets.

Walk outside. Listen. Laugh. Practice wellness.


For assistance in developing a more balanced lifestyle, set up a private consultation by emailing [email protected]

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