Track is no Wimbledon

While Mr. Murrays comment and reasoning have some validity I am disappointed at the arrogance and tone of his pronouncements.

To exclude the public from the track in a country where obesity diabetes and hypertension is an ever growing problem demonstrates perhaps faulty priorities.

The one million dollars it costs to build the track is only a small fraction of what has to be given to CINICO recently to fund overseas care for indigents and civil servants.

In addition, Wembley stadium is not completely funded by the UK Government; they have founding partners the likes of Microsoft, Carlsberg and Umbro. Their kitchen staff alone numbers about 3,500.

Where is the comparison?

Please gentlemen, take your heads out of the clouds. Any athlete who would be considered to be Mr. Murray’s ‘elite’ would not train in these Islands. They would go to the United States to pursue their careers.

Victor Look Loy

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