Festival to be gripped by ‘String Fever’

The much anticipated third bi-annual Cayman Arts Festival kicks-off this month, brining a slew of internationally renowned musicians to Cayman’s shores.

On the agenda is an afternoon of opera, featuring the UK based Garden Opera, an evening of a capella with The Magnets, a jazz night at nightclub District 6 and a performance by the Cayman National Choir and Cayman National Orchestra directed by award winning conductor John McLaughlin Williams to name but a few.

In the run-up to the festival’s launch date on 8 February, Entertainment takes a look at each of the festival’s performers. This week Entertainment profiles String Fever, scheduled to take to the stage at the Aston Rutty Centre on Cayman Brac, and the First Baptist Church, 14 and 15 February. (Third in a four part series).

String Fever

The world’s first genetically modified string quartet combine exceptional musical skill with a real talent for involving and engaging audiences. British born brothers Giles, Ralph and Neal Broadbent, along with their cousin Graham, are four world class musicians. Amongst them, they play five and six-stringed electric violins, viola and cello in a truly original show.

Stringfever’s unique, acclaimed version of Ravel’ s ‘Bolero’ has all four playing on one cello simultaneously. Their repertoire includes a medley of some 20 film tunes in one breathless arrangement, as well as 40 hits packed into a staggering five minutes. Visit www.stringfever.co.uk.


(All concerts are at the First Baptist Church, unless indicated).

8 February

Cayman National Orchestra, Cayman National Choir and visiting orchestra players from orchestras in Cleveland. Conducted by John McLaughlin Williams, and Sue Horrocks 8pm.

9 February

Chamber Music Programme, featuring Garden Opera’s instrumental group and members of the Duke Quartet, 7.30pm.

10 February

Garden Opera at Pedro’s Castle, 3.30pm.

11 February

Jazz night at District 6, featuring local musicians Gary Ebanks Quartet, Cool School, Mainstream and Triple Play, 7.30pm.

14 February

String Fever, Aston Rutty Centre, Cayman Brac, 7pm.

15 February

String Fever, 7pm.

16 February

The Magnets, 7.30pm.


Tickets are $30 in advance, $35 at the door, or $175 for any six events. Admission for children 15 and under is $15. Tickets are available from Fosters, The Camera Store, Funky Tangs, Micro Matrix and Villas of the Galleon. Visit www.caymanartsfestival.com for further details.

  1. from CI$30 advance
  2. from CI$ 35 at the door
  3. or CI$ 175 for any 6 events
  4. child (under 16) from CI$15