Party on at Kaibo Mardi Gras

Are you ready for Rio Carnival Mardi Gras 2008?!

Then head on down to the Kaibo Yacht Club next Wednesday.

But pay attention, the format has been changed from years’ past.

A production company will take care of decorations, sound, lighting and visuals.

The entertainment will be similar to last year with the Reggae band Notch and Locomotion & Smooth Billanie, which are a main stream cover bands and a Brazilian drummer playing three sets each until 9pm then the Dj’s step up to the plate for the last few hours.

There will be two MCs to keep the crowd involved and fired up.

The Chill Out tent will be a new addition this year.

Kaibo is going to take special care with its VIPs this year.

The number of people allowed upstairs will be limited and those who make it will be treated to a sit-down lunch from noon until 3pm.

The VIP area will have two bartenders, three floor staff and a bathroom attendant. Security will be tight on the door.

‘We are hoping to sell all the tickets before the day,’ said Daniel, Kaibo co-owner. ‘By doing this we will be able to remove the cashier on the door, which brings an element of ‘If your name’s not down, you’re not coming in.”

Radio stations Z99, Rooster, Cay Rock, Kiss, X, Spin & Vibe will all be doing VIP giveaways.

VIP tickets are on sale at:


Z99 & Rooster (Hurley’s Entertainment) 9451166 in Grand Harbour near Black Beard Rum Co.

Spin & Vibe (Paramount Media) 9437746 in Rankin’s Plaza Eastern Avenue in front of the television centre, second floor.

Ticket are $100, which includes access to the exclusive VIP area on the second floor giving the best view of the action, four free drinks, limited addition Mardi Gras T-shirt, and over a thousand pounds of beads for your throwing pleasure.

This area is limited to 100 people only.

No tickets are required for entrance to the Chill Out tent.

Entrance is gained through purchasing a bottle of Champagne or a bottle of vodka per couple.

The tent will be an air-conditioned oasis offering private bathrooms a tranquil environment to rejuvenate and recharge the batteries with a little Veuve Cliquot or Absolut vodka.

All the happening of the main stage will be played on flat screen TVs so you don’t have to miss a beat of the action. No bottles will be allowed out of the tent and space will be limited.

Cable and Wireless will offer a Mudslide Tent and there will be an ice luge and a pirate ship bar as well as the usual bar.

The Main Bar will be doubled in size as usual.

The Beach Bar will be under the cabana nearest the dock.

People will be selling Strongbow from backpacks directly to customers in the throng of the party.

Kaibo will provide food for the masses under the cabana nearest the shop.

There will also be a small booth on the beach selling Cable and Wireless products. They are the main sponsor of Mardi Gras and will be offering giveaways on the day.

Ferries will be running from Safe Haven behind the Ritz starting at noon, the last one leaving Kaibo at 1am. This year there are three boats running all day at $10 per round trip. There is a schedule but with this many boats Daniel doesn’t expect the wait to be longer than 15 minutes each side. Ferry boaters should keep their wristbands on or they will not be allowed to ride the boat back.

If you choose to drive to Mardi Gras, park and ride service has been set up. People will be encouraged to park at the large sub division by the cell phone tower on Rum Point Drive. There will be buses to transport people to the Kaibo and back. Parking is limited on Water Cay Road (around Kaibo area). This road needs to be kept clear for emergency vehicles.

People who want to reserve a boat slip can register to do so, but there is a compulsory arrival time of midday on the day of the party.

For more information call 947-9975 or email [email protected]