Ag Dept. plans workshops

The Department of Agriculture is hosting two workshops Thursday for farmers at the Savannah United Church Hall as part of the Cayman Islands Week of Agriculture.

The first seminar is from 9am to 10.30 am on Post harvest Handling of Tropical Produce with special emphasis on the importance of market intelligence.

Presenter for this seminar is Kathleen Margo Forde, general manager of the Central Marketing Corporation in Antigua. This workshop will appeal to farmers and crop producers and help educate them on the importance of post harvest handling and how this can improve the quality of their product to increase marketability, consumer appeal and hence improve income and profitability.

The second seminar is from 11am to 1pm on Management of pigs: increasing productivity through improved management with special emphasis on the advantages and benefits of Artificial Insemination.

Guest presenter is Dr. Gabrielle Young from the Newport Mills & Newport Genetics Ltd., Jamaica. This workshop will assist current and potential pig farmers to brush-up on the key management strategies to increase productivity and improve the quality of their product and in particular to examine opportunities for improving the quality of their herds through artificial insemination.

Anyone wishing to enrol in these workshops should contact the Department of Agriculture at 947-3090.