Mitsumizo blocks Reid’s revenge bid

Cayman’s top two women tennis players met for the fifth time – this time in the PricewaterhouseCoopers final – and the result was the same as their previous matches.

Shizuka Mitsumizo won in straight sets, beating regular rival Carrol Reid to claim a portion of the tournament’s prize money totaling $10,000. Mitsumizo received $750 and Reid half that so although they won’t be able to turn pro on the proceeds, at least they can treat themselves to something special.

The match at the tennis club in South Sound was played under difficult conditions in bright sunshin and a strong breeze and it was Mitsumizo whose better returns prevailed to win 6-2, 6-3.

‘It’s not the money at all, I really enjoyed it,’ said Mitsumizo who is an accountant at Fortis. ‘It’s my second final and third attempt and I’ve finally won. I started playing eight or nine years ago in Workingham, England and came to work here the week before Ivan hit. Great timing!

‘My work colleagues don’t know anything about me being in this tournament. I’ve been sneaking off at 4.30pm all week, I’m quite shy. Now I suppose they’ll know and will be emailing expecting a drink at the bar downstairs.

‘The match was very hard. Carrol gave me the runaround, a good workout, it was tough.’

Reid was anxious to win this one. ‘This was my fifth match against Shizuma and I was determined to give it a go. All the others were closer. This was supposed to be revenge day but I never quite got there. She is leaving the island (for New York) and I’m hoping to get her back for my revenge.

‘I went off the game plan a bit and the weather was a factor – but next time. I don’t know how much the prize money is but I’m sure I’ll get a dinner out of it.’ With her $375 at least Reid can afford any comfort food going.

In the men’s final, the club’s tennis pros met for the $1,000 first prize and it was a stroll for Eduardo Torres who beat colleague Adam Bayley 6-1, 6-1.