Depleted Trotters cannot stop the Surge

The Heineken Cayman Surge came from behind at half time to prove that fitness and determination is just as important as tactics and experience. Mind you, they did have a full 15 against a side that played with 13 until near the end when a key member got sent off.

Trotters controlled the game in the first half as their forwards dominated every aspect and their forwards did a fine job of stemming the potential threat of the speedy Surge backs. But with a depleted side, as the mid-afternoon sun took its toll in South Sound and tired legs cramped up, Surge did what their name suggests and dominated with exhibition inter-passing to run in an avalanche of tries.

Keswick Wright, fastest rugby player on the island, was in typical lightening form as he ran in three tries and assisted with two, to help Surge to a much deserved win.

Trotters ran their, eh, hooves off trying to stem the tide but it was too much for one high profile player. In an entertaining and highly competitive game, there was only one hiccup – when Richard ‘Grizz’ Adams was dismissed near the end – apparently for dissent. Adams is the Cayman Islands Rugby Union technical director and his sending off was presumably for venting frustration. He must have taken a knock to the head too because afterwards he claimed not remembering the sending off. ‘I was injured,’ he claimed laughing. Yes, Grizz and we also saw pigs flying.

Wright is a flag football stellar performer and was a 10.4 seconds 100 metre sprinter when he excelled on the track. Now totally committed to rugby, he said: ‘I’m just trying to be the best player I can be right now. I work out every day and eventually want to be a pro so I have to put in the work. I’m normally a winger but today I played centre which I love because I love to be involved in the game.’

The 24-year-old Caymanian wants a pro rugby contract anywhere in the world, he is that keen. ‘I have been playing rugby two years now and learn quickly. I love it and want to play pro anywhere I can; be it England, Australia , New Zealand… I give 100 per cent all the time. This is my love right now, my passion. I want to be the Michael Jackson of rugby!’

Wright’s team mate Tariq Hussain put in a sterling performance in the pack. He said: ‘The other team is knackered! To win we just pulled together. We had a good team talk at half-time and came out storming in the second half. The boys did really well. Our backs were on fire in the second half.’

Tired Trotter Morne Butoié did not try to ham it up. He said: ‘We were two men down for the whole game so actually did pretty well if you think about it. We kept control of the ball but made little mistakes at key moments and the problem was because we were two down the minute we made a mistake and they got the ball they put us on the back foot and there was no way we were going to catch them. But we played well and if we’d had the extra couple of men it would have made a big difference in the game.’

Butoié seeing Grizz getting sent off ‘was pretty awesome’. He was amused more than shocked.