Girl’s program kicks off again

Football mad girls wanting to pick up the finer points of the game were treated to their first session of Saturday morning coaching over the weekend.

The Cayman Islands Girls Football Organisation kicked off its weekly coaching program at the George Hicks Field in George Town for girls aged five to 12. It runs for the next couple of months from 9am and is only $15 for the whole course and the fee includes a uniform.

This program is the brainchild of Sue Greene, who was pleased to see the 50 or so girls turn out and expects more to join in the coming weeks. ‘The numbers are slightly down because we’re competing with the baseball program but I know we’ll get more next week,’ she said. ‘Last year we had 104 so hopefully we’ll get 75 on Saturday.’

The response has been very positive, she said. ‘We have some new girls and some from last year who are anxious to get going again. We have a lot of four and five-year-olds which is really great because this is a very important part of their developmental age. I want to thank all my assistant coaches, especially David Boyd and Shayne Howe who have been there from the start. The others are Wayne DaCosta, Andrew Needham, Jason Windsor and Monette Windsor.’

The program is mostly sponsored by Generali Worldwide & Cayman Insurance Centre and also Progressive Distributors and H2O.

Greene’s dream is to get women’s football entrenched in Cayman sporting culture. She is getting tremendous support from Cayman Islands Football Association president Jeffrey Webb who has appointed her the CIFA women’s committee chairman. ‘My goal is to get the girls on the map globally and we have to do that starting at youth level. Also getting participation from women’s club teams and getting them to coach as well, so that they can see what girls we’re working with and help groom them into their clubs.

‘We also try to provide for these girls role models. We also encourage them to make new friends so each week we ask them to find a new partner to do their drills with. That also helps their self-esteem and confidence.’

Contact Sue Greene email: [email protected]