Good ambassadors for Cayman

We recently visited your city and I wanted to share with your readers an experience we had while there.

We were with one of the cruise ships that was in port only a few hours. When my husband and I disembarked from the ship, we were to go on a shore excursion to Jet Ski and snorkel. To make a long story short, I lost a lens from my eyeglasses.

My husband went across the street from the dock to a camera shop and asked a kind lady there if she knew where we could get a new lens while on the island. She said that she goes to the Cayman Lens Crafters in 7 Mile Shops and gave directions on how to get there.

In a short time, the ladies working at Lens Crafters had contacted my ophthalmologist in Illinois, USA, and obtained my lens prescription. My glasses were soon fitted with the new lens and it was within 30 minutes of the time our ship was to leave the island.

Fearing that we might not make it back to ship in time via taxi or city bus, Michael Church at the Lens Crafters store called his wife and she brought their personal vehicle to take us back to the ship, assuring our timely arrival.

We have travelled extensively and just want to say that the hospitality and kindnesses we received from the people of George Town were exemplary. We thank God for his many blessings and especially for the lady in the camera shop and the wonderful and very helpful people at the Lens Crafters at 7 Mile Shops.

Glenn and Pam Heckler
Olney, Illinois, USA