Proposals advance political parties

We are saddened and surprised to see that the summary of proposals and explanatory notes on the constitution only put forward the PPM’s wish list of changes, which are also similar to the UDP’s wish list.

To properly educate the public, a non-political explanation of the alternatives to the political parties’ power wishes is necessary.

The public should be given the opportunity to consider the other alternatives and be presented with alternative stages of constitutional advancement to decide on.

Only the advantages of the final stage of constitutional advancement before independence are set out in the summary. Furthermore, none of the disadvantages are given to the public, for example, a list of some of the extensive and near absolute powers of the premier are conspicuously missing. It appears the literature that has been put out for the public to scrutinise, is a promotional tool for the PPM’s desires.

The summary of proposals and explanatory notes of the political parties’ wishes seem to force the public to either accept or reject all of the changes with no alternatives to consider. This is typical of political parties and not in the public’s best interest.

The burden will fall on the independent politicians of the Cayman Islands to educate the public of their rights and alternatives, which we intend to do.

John McLean & Truman Bodden