Today’s Editorial February 11: Be a part of constitutional reform

Got something to get off your chest about the constitutional review process?

Then get yourself and your family to a meeting.

One will be held tonight at 8 at the North Side Civic Centre.

Turnout at previous meetings, which started at the end of last month, has be OK, but not what it should have been.

We are in the process of making history in the Cayman Islands.

The document that is produced will come from input from all of us.

Yes, the People’s Progressive Movement party has its ideas of what the document should look like.

And yes, the United Democratic Party has its ideas of what should be enshrined in our constitution.

But the ideas of both parties should be mingled with the wishes of the people of this country on a whole.

The constitutional issue isn’t about party politics; it’s about what we, the people of the Cayman Islands, think the direction of our country should go.

We should all be taking advantage of these public meetings, which are being held more than once in each district.

As of today there will be a referendum on the constitutional issue in May.

That date could be changed, depending on the will of the people.

But if we don’t go to the meetings, neither the PPM nor the UDP will know exactly what the will of the people is.

Do you want more time to debate and discuss what our constitution will say? Then go to the meetings and be heard.

Do you disagree with some of the proposals from either part? Then go to the meetings and be heard.

Do you have your own ideas of what should be included in the document that will lead our country into the future?

Then go to the meetings and be heard.

As we said earlier, the meeting tonight is in North Side.

The next meeting will be in George Town at the Family Life Centre at 7pm on Monday, 18 February.

The Caymanian Compass will list the meetings so you can know when and where to attend.

Our future is at stake. It is important that each of us take the constitutional reform issue to heart and be a part of determining the way forward for our country.

Go to the meetings and be heard.