Beach fun is set to expand

Beach volleyball enthusiasts converge on Public Beach every Sunday afternoon to thrash it out for bragging rights. They’re competing in the co ed fours league which runs for eight weeks. It’s four people on the court and you have to have at least one woman at all times.

Carl Brenton, co-ordinator of the Cayman Islands Beach Volleyball Association, said: ‘We’ve been running for three weeks. Twelve teams and an A and B division. The top team in B moves up to A and the bottom A team moves down to B the following week. So it keeps everyone playing at the right level so everyone has a good time. I jump in and play fours but usually play doubles. It’s harder. Fours is more recreational.’

His wife Wanda plays twos as well to a high level. It’s so popular that Brenton is considering running six more teams when the next eight weeks session begins in April.