Fidelity offers MoneyCentre

Fidelity Bank and Trust International Limited, the holding company of Fidelity Group, announced has launched MoneyCentre by Fidelity under its retail banking subsidiaries in Cayman, Bahamas and Turks and Caicos islands.

Now open in Cayman at Godfrey Nixon Way, MoneyCentre seeks to offer an alternative banking experience for individuals and small businesses whose specific needs may not be met by traditional banking institutions.

MoneyCentre focuses its financial lending services on consumer loans for smaller ticket items such as appliances, renovations, furniture, education, used cars and vacations; it offers affordable car insurance, debit cards, special savings accounts, cash-to-pay-day, notary public services and Western Union. It facilitates today’s busier lifestyles with longer daily, and Saturday opening hours.

MoneyCentre is open daily at 7am until 7pm Monday thru Thursday and until 9pm on Friday and Saturday.