Take your heart for a walk

On any given day, along Cayman’s scenic North Side, you can see Princess Ebanks in her healthy lifestyle habit of walking.

Princess Ebanks

Princess Ebanks

A successful participant in the weekly Lifestyles classes on North Side, Princess succeeded not only in losing extra pounds, she developed a healthy habit that will enable her to live stronger and healthier.

It makes her feel good, would be one of the first responses Princess would give to you about her walking programme. And sliding into smaller sized jeans sure feels much better. From a health perspective, Princess has less risk of high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer because of her healthy walking habit.

There are many ways to fit a walk into your daily life, and it is an activity that Dr. Andrew Weill states we all should do for 15 minutes daily. Lifestyles participants are encouraged to find walking buddies and plan at least four walks weekly, if that is your only type of physical activity. Active gym members and swimmers may walk one to two walks weekly for variation and enjoyment.

Walking works wonders for the physical body. The heart and circulatory system are stimulated; the heart, being a muscle, needs to be used so that it stays strong. Walking in the outdoor fresh air revives the spirit and helps with restore positive energy and thinking. Office workers should take care to walk outside three to four times during the week.

The entire body becomes oxygenated during walking which helps to build a healthy and strong immune system. Walking is a forward moving action, stimulating energy and enthusiasm for life. Walking is a social activity; share it with your spouse, neighbour or dog.

Regular walking promotes fat loss, especially important in the prevention of cancer and diabetes. Losing weight, face up to it, is the number one health-related issue that you can do something about. Yes, it is in your control. It’s time to wake up and own up.

February is devoted to Heart Month, not only the romantic heart of Valentine’s Day but the physical heart that beats and keeps us alive.

How healthy is your heart? Take it for a walk.

Lifestyles, with Donna recommends that you discuss exercise with a physician before commencing a programme. For weight-loss support and information about classes, please send me an email at [email protected]