Cayman too strong for JA visitors

A Jamaican select side came to George Town for a series of fast-pitch matches and although they enjoyed Cayman’s hospitality, their visit was not a victorious one.

A Cayman select side won the first match 22-9 on Saturday and 15-2 in Sunday morning’s game at the Field of Dreams. Two Cayman women’s teams played then Cayman had a final match against the Jamaicans. The Jamaicans were a Kingston club team that drew other players from around the island for the trip. Softball is not as widely played in Jamaica as here but this team still thoroughly enjoyed it.

The softball fast-pitch male and female season starts this weekend and this was an ideal warm-up for Cayman’s top players, especially Bradley Robinson who hit the only home run of the match on Sunday morning.

Robinson plays in the co ed league for Home Gas. They were formerly TeleCayman who won the co ed A league the past two years. ‘I was really pleased to hit the only home run,’ he said. ‘The way I swung it and the power I got off the bat I knew it was good.’

Robinson, 19, works with his father in construction. He has professional baseball ambitions. ‘I went to Chicago to play college baseball and I’m just trying to get back up there because I want to play Major League.’

Cayman’s Marlon Thomas is a player-coach and occasional umpire. He organized the visit of the Jamaicans. ‘I would like to rate them as pretty okay,’ he said. ‘Over the years I’ve seen improvement from them and I’m positive that improvement will continue, definitely.

‘This has been a good weekend. The support has been good. Yesterday, for example, there were a lot of fans out here. And, of course, we’re pleased to have fans when you’re playing because it inspires you.’

Thomas hopes to take a Cayman fast-pitch side to Jamaica in the summer. ‘We are definitely committed to travel to Jamaica the long weekend in June and we hope to make this an annual thing. Whenever there’s the opening of the season we’ll invite them down and they’re pretty much enthused to come and play with us.’