Making big life changes?

(ARA) – The year 2008 will fly by in the blink of an eye, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to take the time to get your life in order. Every year, millions of Americans vow to change their lives: new job, new eating habits, new outlook on life. But many times, change is easier said than done.

Hollywood life coach Sherri Ziff Lester of Rock Your Life Coaching helps educate Americans about how small, sustainable ‘mini resolutions’ can help make positive changes last throughout the year.

‘When you want to make a positive change, like modify a behavior or take on something new, it is important to understand that change is a gradual process that takes time,’ says Ziff Lester. ‘I have found that the easiest and most effective way to achieve a goal is to break it down into a small, specific step you can reasonably accomplish each day.’

Additionally, Ziff Lester notes that small goals mean making small changes which are easier to incorporate and maintain in any lifestyle. Numerous common goals can be broken down into mini steps to get closer to a larger accomplishment.

‘If you want to eat healthier or reduce calories in the New Year, for example, don’t deprive yourself of sweets. Instead, try substituting Splenda No Calorie Sweetener for sugar. If people start off small, they will see encouraging improvements motivating them to move forward with loftier goals.’

Ziff Lester offers the following tips to help consumers make small lifestyle changes, both personally and professionally, that will ultimately yield big results in 2008:

* Vowing to spend more time with your friends and family? Rather than focusing on an entire evening out, nurture relationships in short bursts. Try a 20 minute coffee date, meet at the grocery store to shop together or arrive five minutes early to pick up your kids at school and chat.

* If you want to eat healthier, start with something you can easily change. Make a ‘mini resolution’ to reduce sugar throughout the day by stocking your purse with new Splenda No Calorie Sweetener Minis — they’re convenient and add guilt-free sweetness to coffee or tea.

* If you want to get out of debt, don’t commit to a large sum of money you hope to pay throughout the year. Start small by developing a budget plan at the beginning of each month which details your spending and saving habits for that 30-day period.

* If getting fit is a goal for 2008, don’t vow to hit the gym seven days a week. Start small by signing up for a once-a-week exercise class. The time commitment is more manageable and the class schedule will hold you accountable.

* Trying to get rid of all that clutter in your life? Don’t take on the whole house; focus on just one drawer or congested corner. Identify at least five things you can part with and put them in your car to take the nearest charity next time you are running errands.

* If you want to expand your horizons and meet new people, don’t spread yourself too thin by making plans every night of the week. Instead, join a monthly book club or consider getting involved in a local charity event.

* Have too much on your plate? Learn to say no — pinpoint two or three commitments that you can cut back to focus on what you really want to accomplish. Then say yes to small, meaningful steps to achieve that goal.

* If you want to be more charitable, don’t donate money to every cause. Choose an organization near and dear to your heart and donate your time and resources by participating in their charity events several times a year.

Courtesy of ARAcontent