Today’s Editorial February 21: Make sure you are heard

Residents of East End get their first opportunity to hear – in their district – constitutional proposals this evening.

This will be the seventh such meeting called by the Constitutional Review Secretariat.

It is of uppermost importance that the average man and woman turn out to these meetings and get their voices heard.

While members of the United Democratic Party are calling for more time to debate the constitutional issues, we don’t know if that will happen.

What we do know is that district meetings are slated through 10 April with an eye to a referendum in May.

That’s why it is so important that all of our voices be heard on the constitutional issue.

The meetings have tended to be long, but that is expected because we are discussing the future of the country we who live here know and love.

Those who attend the secretariat meetings will be provided a summary of proposals and explanatory notes of the proposed constitutional changes as well as a copy of the 1972 Constitution and companion guide, the official Hansard Report of 29 July, 2004, and The Constitutional Modernisation Review Commissioners 2002 report.

We encourage those who attend the meetings to take those reports home with them to carefully review them.

A second round of district meetings will be held to hear suggestions and answer concerns before the proposed May referendum.

Information gleaned from these district meetings will be used to modernise Cayman’s Constitution of 1972.

It is of vital importance that all sectors of the Cayman Islands speak up and make their wishes known concerning the contents of a new and, hopefully, improved constitution.

People who would rather not stand up in public to have their voices heard, can do so in other ways, like sending an email or calling the Secretariat. Or they can let the PPM government know privately what they think.

The important thing is for everyone in the public to have the opportunity to be heard because if they are not, the country might not get the constitution its people desire.

The meeting tonight will be at 8pm at the Gun Bay Civic Centre.

Please make sure your voice is heard.