Tribute for tourism team

Leaders in the Cayman Islands’ tourism industry honoured their very own Valentine last Thursday – Director of the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism Pilar Bush.

Several Cayman Islands Tourism Association board members presented Ms Bush and her team with an elaborate flower arrangement and a cake proclaiming ‘CITA loves CIDoT’.

The heartfelt presentation took place in the boardroom at the new DoT offices at Windward 3 in Regatta Office Park much to the surprise of Ms Bush who thought she was attending a meeting.

CITA President Karie Bergstrom said: ‘To ensure our industry continues to grow, we must often focus on addressing shortcomings rather than recognising successes.

‘On this particular holiday that celebrates love, we want to express sincere appreciation for the ingenuity and hard work of our partners at the Department of Tourism in supporting tourism for the islands we love so dearly.’

Among accomplishments for which CITA honoured the Department of Tourism are:

A 2007 increase in the essential benchmark of overall air arrivals;

Working with Cayman Airways to introduce the much needed non-stop air service from New York;

Critical efforts to maximize growth in the emerging markets of Canada and UK;

Staunch support of private sector promotions;

Strategic foresight which has united much of the private sector in developing promotions which will mitigate the U.S. economic slow down.

‘The level of collaboration between the private sector and DoT has never been higher,’ said Jean Cohen, Vice President and General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman and President of the CITA Hotel Sector.

‘Pilar’s loyalty and passion for her country are an inspiration and we thank her and her team for challenging us all to reach new achievements.’

Ms Bush said, ‘On behalf of the Ministry and Department of Tourism, we want to thank CITA for this generous showing of support for the hard work of the public servants committed to the success and sustainability of tourism.

‘We work as a team with our private sector partners who continue to lead the region in innovation, customer service and, most recently, their willingness to become more environmentally responsible.

‘We look forward to strengthening that partnership in 2008 and are confident that together we can weather the economic uncertainties forecast for the travel industry.’