Red Cross needs help, Caymanians told

Caymanians need to step up to the plate and get involved in the Cayman Islands Red Cross.

This was among the remarks of Leader of Government Business Kurt Tibbetts at a Red Cross Volunteer Appreciation dinner held at Boatswain’s Beach.

‘I’ve been told there are more than 120 Red Cross volunteers on our islands but that few are Caymanians.’

Mr. Tibbets said he could see why so many expats were attracted to the organisation because most of them were familiar with it from their home countries. But he was puzzled why more Caymanians didn’t get involved, especially after the shock of Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

To those Caymanians present Mr. Tibbetts told them to encourage their friends, family and neighbours to step up and lend a helping hand.

‘You have many choices of how to give of your time, but increasing the membership of the Red Cross can only do well since it helps us be better prepared for disasters and other emergency situations,’ said Mr. Tibbetts.

‘Red Cross is a vital part of our country’s emergency response and as such works hand in hand with government through district disaster management teams, health services and other agencies,’ he said.

To the committed volunteers Mr. Tibbetts thanked them on behalf of the people of the Cayman Islands for giving so selflessly of their time to make a difference in these islands.

During the evening, volunteers were awarded for their hard-work and dedication to the Red Cross.

Thrift shop worker Desrene Dennie was simply astonished when she was chosen Red Cross 2007 Volunteer of the Year. Cislyn Petgrave received an award for most consistent/ punctual; Diane Anthony, most dependable/reliable; and Jose Romero for willingness to served the community.

Belford Estates Community Disaster Response Team was awarded the most committed group of the year. Anderson Skinner received outstanding support to the disaster programme, Dave Boxx willingness to assist; and Kris Edwards, Handy Man of the Year.

Helping to spread awareness on HIV and AIDS, young Stephen Nickelson was chosen Peer Educator of the Year and Lise Hurlstone was awarded for her outstanding contribution.

Most active first aid team leader went to Kerfer Hydes and most active instructor went to Ken (Casey) Crowley.

In Volunteer Management, Dahlia Clarke received the award for most supportive volunteer; Dulsey McKay most supportive Thrift Shop; and Lydia Gibson most supportive volunteer administration.

On Cayman Brac, Eldia Scott was chosen outstanding volunteer and Andre Scott most dependable.