Chevy at Advanced Automotive

Advanced Automotive celebrated its new Chevrolet dealership on Owen Roberts Drive with a gala grand opening earlier this month.

advance auto

All the new 2008 Chevrolet models were on display.
Photo: Justin Uzzell

Some 200 people attended the champagne event, where they saw both the past and present Chevrolet offerings.

Under the dealership’s breezeway, two restored 1957 Chevrolets – from one of the most memorable eras in automotive history – were on display.

Later, Chevrolet’s 2008 offerings were paraded by attendees with special lighting and music as Marketing Director Pamela Norton described their attributes in a mock-fashion show style.

General Motors International Sales President and Managing Director Nicholas Wsevolojskoy said he was pleased to be working with Advanced Automotive.

‘Advance Automotive is committed to building the brand Chevrolet in the Cayman Islands and we are confident that their strong track record in service and well-known expertise will help Chevrolet establish a strong presence in the local market,’ he said.

Mr. Wsevolojskoy also spoke about General Motors’ technology advancements for more environmentally safe products, cell fuel research and the introduction of the electric car in the future

The event followed a ‘Cayman loves… ‘ advertising campaign, and business partner Canover Watson said Chevrolet plans to love Cayman through financing avenues, fuel efficient autos, substantial warranties, proper service, repair and maintenance.

Attendees who took advantage of the valet parking found the gift of a promotional T-shirt and cap in their cars when they left.

As part of their grand opening celebration, Advanced Automotive is offering through the end of this month a free green service clinic, which checks automobiles for fluid leaks and emissions that could harm the environment, as well as a free oil change.