Admit mistake

To all of our elected officials I say this: You are not above the law and should stand firm against anyone who tries to blatantly disobey or try to twist these laws for their own benefits or future endeavours.

One thing though that I know is not normally associated with politicians and should be is….honesty.

If you make a mistake people, whether by ignorance or under the influence of alcohol, it takes a really big person to admit to it, humble himself and maybe even apologise.

A certain Caymanian would like to run for office even though he can’t (alcohol has a way of erasing one’s memory) or won’t (he probably thinks he still has a chance since we always seem to elect criminals) admit that he was drunk, disorderly, violent and abusive in front of witnesses no less.

I know the police have a hard job especially here where it is such a tight-knit community and violence touches almost everyone but I would like them to know I support them in their endeavours to work at keeping my home a safe and beautiful paradise.

Sheredan Bodden

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