Police had no choice

All of the details of the recent car chase, which led to fatalities, aren’t available at present but it seems the wrong peoples’ actions are being questioned.

The information given so far is police attempted to stop a vehicle with illegal plates.

Lights and a siren were used and yet the vehicle did not stop.

No one forced the driver to step on the gas.

If an innocent person walking alongside or crossing the road had been hit, who would be to blame?

Driving is not a video game.

There is no replay.

Who wants to be in the position of the police in a case like that?

If we send the message speeding away will not result in apprehension what will the attitude and the results be?

What were the police to do?

There are demands that the RCIPS put a stop to the shootings, stabbings, violence and speeding. How many ways do we want it?

And yet, sadly the most dangerous weapons in Cayman are vehicles, and many of them are in the wrong hands.

My deepest sympathies to the families of the young men.

Allan Creasey

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