NG Barwick lecture a success

In one of several events coordinated around the National Gallery’s current ‘Screens, Greens and Washing Machines’ exhibit, featured artist Margaret Barwick led a lively tour of her artwork at the gallery on Tuesday evening, said a press release.

Discussing her life and work with curator David Bridgeman, Mrs. Barwick treated the audience to a vivid journey through the many countries in which she has lived, as well as her earlier days in Cayman.

Highlights included the history of the five-panel work entitled ‘Time That Was’ (1981), which resides in the collection of the National Museum. This work features a nostalgic view of George Town Harbour from the steps of the now-demolished Dr Roy’s House. Mrs Barwick told viewers of daily discussions with neighbouring workmen as to where every detail would have been placed. She so loved the final vision of Caymanian life in times gone by that she painted herself into the artwork as a young child. She also spoke at length about her landscaping work and plans for the new National Gallery gardens.

Mrs Barwick, who has lived in such diverse communities as New Zealand, the Solomon Islands, Kiribati, Malawi, the British Virgin Islands, USA, France, made the Cayman Islands her home in the 1970s and continues to live here for part of the year.

As a landscape designer, she has designed many public and private gardens in Cayman and was involved in the founding of the botanical gardens, here and in Tortola. She was also heavily involved with Cayman’s first comprehensive arts society, and more recently spent time travelling around the globe to research her definitive encyclopaedia of tropical plants.

‘Screens, Greens and Washing Machines’ is on display at the National Gallery, Harbour Place. The last lecture in this series will focus on Margaret’s work from her Malawi period. It will be held at 12.15pm on Wednesday, 26 March, the final day of the show. A complimentary lunch will be served. For information contact Natalie Coleman at the National Gallery at 945 8111, or via email at [email protected].

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