Dready branches out

Dready art has become a familiar sight around town on t-shirts, postcards and on baseball caps.

The creation of Shane Arquat, Dready merchandise is available in Barbados, BVI, Grenada, Jamaica and Cayman, and the world of Dready continues to grow.

‘We’ve become Dreadyworld,’ Shane said. ‘We have added Antigua this season, and we hope to add USVI in a couple of weeks, but the most exciting thing for me this season is the art. We’re going all out with Dready art. I’m doing personalised invitations, prints and original commissions.’

Dready art can now be found as prints on canvas or on watercolour paper, at the Kennedy Gallery, Pure Art, Guy Harvey Gallery and, in April, at The Gallery, Ritz-Carlton. Alternatively, you can commission an original, with five new pieces in the works.

Part profits from key Dready merchandise also helps raise funds for the Blue Iguana Recovery Programme and the Guy Havery Marine Institute for their continuing stingray study.

‘The company has a philosophy to return some of the love,’ Shane said. ‘I’m just about to re-launch Dready bookmarks from which part profits will go to the UNICEF educational fund for children and other Caribbean based children’s educational charities.’

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