Company faces overtime charges

Attorney James Kennedy appeared in Summary Court on Monday on behalf of Ready Mix Concrete Co. Ltd, which faces six charges of failing to pay overtime.

The charges, brought under the Labour Law, pertain to six different employees. Each pay period is listed as a separate count, so that in relation to one employee there are 43 counts, dating back to 2005.

Mr. Kennedy advised that a company director, Raul Gonzalez, was present. Considering the volume of charges and the fact that he had not received papers, he asked for an adjournment of several weeks.

Crown Counsel Tonya Lobban advised that Senior Crown Counsel Trevor Ward was dealing with the matter, so she requested a mention again on 31 March.

Magistrate Nova Hall set that date.

The company is charged with failing to pay overtime for work performed in excess of the standard work day and standard work week.

The Labour Law states that the standard work week shall not exceed 45 hours in any period of 168 hours and the standard work day shall not exceed nine hours.

A period of 168 hours is equal to one week.

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