Police had no choice

With reference to Mr Creasey’s comments on the police chase which led to the death of two men and the hospitalisation of a criminal, I would like to applaud him for telling the truth as it is.

This man refused to stop and if the police just let him go, what sort of precedent does it send to all his co-criminals? Flee the scene, speed off – the police are too scared to chase you.

The police made the correct choice of action. It’s a shame that lives had to end, but the lives ended because the driver refused to stop, not because the police chased him.

When he comes back from Florida, I hope the police charge the driver with two counts of manslaughter on top of reckless driving, DUI, resisting arrest and anything else he has done.

The driver was the man in the wrong. Not the police.

Dermot Mahoney

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