Cubans arrive

A Cuban vessel carrying nine males and three females struck the reef north of Old Cayman Kai around 8.15am Monday.

The impact with the reef damaged the vessel and it drifted down to the Rum Point Dock where authorities intercepted the migrants.

The Cubans asked that they be allowed to continue their voyage and were working to repair the vessel.

They were given authorisation to remain in Cayman waters overnight in anticipation that the weather conditions will improve.


  1. Hello my name is Leonardo Rodriguez and I am writing because I was one of the crew of that vessel. We leave from Manzanillo in Cuba on March 14, 2008.Now I live in Miami, USA three years ago. I am interested in getting the newspaper in which is our picture of day March 17 / 2008, because I am writing about my voyage
    Best regards, Leonardo

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