Waiting for world help

As the world watches the events unfolding in Tibet and the rhetoric spews forth from the European Union, the US and the United Nations urging the Chinese government to use constraint, one wonders where these people have been over the last five decades.

The Tibetan and Chinese people have been subjected to religious, social and ethnic cleansing by a brutal regime bent on preserving its own agenda of domination in full view.

The problem is outrageous human rights abuses of the Chinese government have been well documented and observed by most nations for years.

So why now?

The Olympics has been given as the reason why the Tibetan people are once again calling on the world to step in.

Obviously, economics plays the dominant a role here.

The Olympics is a massive revenue machine for any nation, while supposedly upholding the original intention of bringing nations together to compete in sports events.

Add to that, the phenomenal growth of trade with China, and the money to be made, and the answer becomes clear.

Where money is involved, it’s so much easier to turn a blind eye to suffering.

Admonishing the Chinese government to cease its brutality will simply not work, although it makes for good press. Shame.

Allan Creasey

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