We need driver education

I understand that we have lost a lot of young lives in the last few years and my heart goes out to the families of the lives we have lost but our speed limit is 40 on West Bay Road and I don’t think that making less than that is something we need; 40 is fine.

I think maybe we need better driving education and a lot of times drinking is the reason for the lost lives.

Why not up the legal drinking age in this country to 21 and outlaw the sale of alcohol to anyone in the Cayman Islands younger than 21?

I know for a fact that some police offices won’t do anything about under-age drinking as I have seen myself just last Pirates Week.

I was in town and saw many young teens drinking and stopped a few myself.

I said to the police officers standing on the side if they didn’t see all under-age kids drinking. One big fat fool dressed in a police uniform said ‘what you want me to do about it,’ so if saving lives is what you want to do let’s start there.

Believe me, our biggest problem in Cayman today is with our youth and alcohol.

There are too many places selling it. It is too easy to get.

Until we as a country wake up and face the facts about things we can cut the speed limit to bicycles only young people and alcohol will still be leading to sad endings at night clubs.

They are killing each other any place you go. Alcohol is causing a problem. Two drinks and the young human that just walked in the door is now super human and is ready to fight so tell me is it only sad when young lives are lost in cars on our streets or don’t we want save as many from them selves as we can? Then we must all play a part before we lose anymore.

Again my heart goes to the families of the ones that have left us too soon.

Charles Edwards Whittaker

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