Be wary of false prophets

To my brothers and sisters, Caymanians of the soil.

As our Government works to form a new constitution, I think back to the greatest constitution made for us 2,000 years ago by Jesus Christ, the Son of Almighty God. This constitution gave us the privilege of becoming sons and daughters of God.

In the beginning the Father did not say ‘Let us make children in our image,’ but ‘Let us make man in our image.’

To be children of God, we must be born again and have the spirit of Jesus in us. Jesus and Jesus alone can make us children of God.

As the scriptures say, ‘but as many as receive Him to them give He power to become the sons of God even to them that believe on His name’ (John 1:12). Jesus is not only our saviour, but our Lord, King and High Priest and his constitution also gave us rules to live by.

What I really don’t understand is how come these rules were broken by man to form another constitution for the way to live and still call themselves the children of God. There is something called religious tradition that has been spread throughout the earth and is very big in the Cayman Islands where the blind are leading the blind.

For instance, people are Christians by becoming a member of an organisation. When asked ‘Are you a Christian?’ the answer is ‘Yes, I am a member of the Church of….’ Or ‘I am not baptised yet.’

What has happened to the Gospel of Jesus Christ under which you have to be born again, seeking the Kingdom of God and in which Jesus said, ‘No one cometh unto me but by my Father’ and ‘You can’t do anything without me,’ ‘Love one another,’ and ‘Use the spirit of truth to teach us all things concerning Him’ (Caymanians, go to the book of John).

It has all been changed to depending on another human to supply our needs, begging and borrowing, having a form of godliness and denying the power of God, which is the dress code for His people, has been changed to being taught by human beings how to dress in filthy rags by the code of their congregation. Instead of spending time before the throne of God, the time is spent before the alter of man.

Caymanians of the soil please do not put yourself in the hands of another human being like yourself.

No one can put Jesus Christ in your heart and no one can fill us with the Holy Spirit.

There is a lot of deception on this island; looks good and sounds good, but it’s not true.

We were warned by our High Priest, Jesus Christ concerning false prophets.

I have found that, to know the real truth, you have to really want to know it.

Jesus and Jesus alone will help you to understand the real truth, spending time in His company and asking questions. I like to use the phrase ‘you have to be inquisitive’ and as Father God Himself said ‘if you search for Me you will find Me.’

Velma Herod

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