Man charged for AK-47, ammo

Omar Barton Samuels was remanded in custody on Tuesday after appearing in Summary Court for possession of an AK-47 rifle and 15 rounds of ammunition, in contravention of the Firearms Law.

The defendant is not to be confused with another Omar Samuels, the father of Baby Jordan, for whom funds have been raised to help with expenses after her premature birth.

Crown Counsel Nicola Moore said Samuels, 27, was arrested on 14 March in connection with another matter. As a result of the arrest his car was searched and a small amount of cocaine was found.

As a result of that finding, officers obtained a warrant to search his house under the Misuse of Drugs Law. Samuels told officers he lived alone and the premises were secured. He gave them his key.

Officers went with Samuels to his residence. They did not handcuff him because he has only one arm.

The AK-47, in plastic wrapping, was concealed behind a picture frame that had been on the floor leaning against a wall.

As officers neared the area in which the firearm was found, Samuels ran from the scene, but was apprehended.

Ms Moore said Samuels’ fingerprint was found on the plastic wrapping.

Defence Attorney Phillip McGhee said he would wait for papers from the Crown before making any application on Samuels’ behalf.

Chief Magistrate Margaret Ramsay-Hale set the matter for mention again on Tuesday, 1 April.

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