Webb’s passion has revived football

Jeffrey Webb, President of the Cayman Islands football Association for over a decade is confident about this weekend’s game.

Webb’s motto is ‘One People, One Passion, One Game’ and he feels all those elements will come together when Cayman take on Bermuda in the second leg of their World Cup qualifier on Sunday.

Webb with the assistance of the dedicated executive members of the association and the coaching staff has been the backbone of the national senior men’s program as well as the miracle man overseeing the finances of this relatively newborn team.

He has this dream of taking football and the Cayman Islands to another level, he has gained the support of some cooperate sponsors and is confident that with the stakeholders, supporters and supporting families this dream is not far from becoming a reality.

Tuda Murphy the first professional goal keeper born in the Cayman Islands was invited by Webb himself and secured through negotiations with his club in Ireland’s Premier League to play this match. His introduction has motivated the players in many ways.

Murphy keeps for Glenavon where he lives with his family. The club releases Murphy each time the Cayman Islands national team has an important fixture. Glenavon is proud of his position with the national team.

Webb’s expectations of this calibre of young players is strengthened by their attitude as they make exceptional sacrifices to achieve the desired, the recent results coming out of the training camp held in Jamaica recently is a testimony to that.

Cayman football is fast developing at all levels. The performance of the Under-17 Girls last year is also a real indication of how fast it is evolving.

Last November they impressed in Group B, flogging hosts Antigua 3-0, whipping the US Virgin Islands 4-0 only to be edged out 2-1 in a physical game by the toughest contenders in that group, Jamaica.

Not to be outdone, the men did superbly in drawing in Bermuda 1-1 in the first leg of the World Cup qualifiers.

This result although anticipated by football interests on the island and the technical team led by the legendary Carl Brown, was a shocker to the Bermudans who were clueless of the efforts that were being made by the Football Association under the leadership of Webb to improve this almost quiescent team.

The entire football program had received a boast, with a well organized Technical Director in place whose level of experience was second to none. The players had learnt to take the game seriously and were willingly making desperate sacrifices to make an impression in this spectacular event.

One of the best sacrifices made by Webb was with the help of the Ministry of Sports sending the team a few weeks before the game in February to Jamaica to face five of the most feared teams in Jamaica’s National Premier League competition. They went again last week for some practice matches.

In conclusion CIFA is evolving; all this association needs is every single drop of support to accomplish getting to round two of the road to South Africa World Cup 2010 Qualifiers.

The unconditional support from the Government, the general public, the media, cooperate sponsors, friends, supporters, families and the dedicated football team and the work of the technical team is the appropriate recipe CIFA needs at this time to seal the issue.

For more information on the Men’s Senior National team or other CIFA events contact the CIFA office at 949-5775, email [email protected] or log on to www.caymanfootball.ky

Webb has championed Cayman football

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