Killing pit bull wrong

I am writing to this letter to proclaim my disgust and horror over the recent killing of a beautiful dog named Dexter at the hands of your agriculture department.

To say the least, it’s disheartening to think that in this day and age the practice of euthanizing any animal simply because of its breed is barbaric and discriminatory.

In my book, your actions are no less violent than those individuals who abuse and kill animals and go unpunished.

New Beginnings for Animals is a rescue organization that was fortunate enough to save a sweet pit bull named Hope from the Cayman Islands some time ago.

Hope was abused and neglected by her owner – who was never even reprimanded for his actions – yet she was the one who faced being destroyed simply because she was a pit bull.

Hope now lives in a loving, nurturing home with other dogs and has become an ambassador in her neighbourhood for her breed.

She loves children, enjoys the company of other dogs and every day we are thankful she was saved.

Unlike so many other dogs that are not so lucky, Hope is now a cherished pet that simply got a second chance to prove herself a worthy companion.

How dare you deprive any animal the same chance.

To believe that animal lovers and rescue organizations will stick their heads in the sand and ignore your acts of injustice toward animals is absurd. We have faith in the fact that someone will listen to the outpour of anger over this incident and change your way of thinking. Punish the deed, not the breed.

Diane Klein

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