Employees take the trash out of George Town

Employees kicked off the island-wide activities for Earth Week 2008 by participating in the Chamber of Commerce Earth Day Roadside Clean-Up last weekend.

More than 65 of dms’ employees, business partners and supporters rallied together to reduce their ecological footprint in George Town as they collected more than 50 trash bags, including an airport trolley.

Twenty-one companies signed on to sponsor the island-wide clean-up which commenced at 7am last Saturday.

‘The turnout was phenomenal and dms was excited to seize the opportunity to demonstrate the company’s commitment to take ownership of the preservation of our environment for future generations,’ said Tara Tvedt, dms’ Go Green programme coordinator.

‘It was a fun event – a great opportunity to rally our employees, friends and family members together, all in a collaborative effort to take responsibility – to lead by example.’

dms’ official Go Green team and social committee invited and partnered with the Central Caribbean Marine Institute (CCMI), Kinetic Partners and Stuarts Walker Hersant, as well as two of their own companies, dms Broadcasting and BrightStaff, to maximise the number of volunteers participating.

In addition to their involvement, dms Broadcasting’s X107.1 were onsite to support the team in their designated clean-up area in George Town which included Bodden Road, Dr. Roy’s Drive, Fort Street, Genesis Close, Mary Street, North Church Street, Rock Hole Road, School Road and Shedden Road.

The team spirit and energy levels were high as dms volunteers sported their customized, event-specific t-shirts. To further entice their group to maximise their efforts, dms introduced a unique twist by splitting into teams to compete to fill the most bags. The team led by dms’ Head of Operations, Karen Kersey, won the prizes for collecting the most trash. ‘The stuff we collected was just amazing – everything from shoes to unopened jars of mayonnaise!’

‘Furthermore, we rewarded our volunteers for their support by heading over to Señor Frogs, dms place of George Town, to celebrate their efforts and victories,’ added Tara. In addition to the 50 trash bags filled, dms’ Stephanie Barnier was awarded the grand prize of a bicycle for finding the most unusual item – an airport trolley.

dms has recently introduced an internal Go Green programme establishing a foundation and culture dedicated to environmental awareness and preservation.

For more information about the dms Go Green programme, you can e-mail the Go Green team at [email protected].