Fundraiser for nurse’s child

Organisers confirm that $9,500 was raised to start a trust fund for Chloe Bentick, the child of former Emergency Room nurse Maureen Bunne who passed away in Jamaica earlier this year.

Last night’s packed fundraiser at Fidel Murphy’s pub was attended by many of Ms Bunne’s Cayman Islands Health Services Authority colleagues. The Governor Stuart Jack, teachers and parents of the four-year-old’s classmates were among the attendees.

Several local businesses, restaurants and water sports operations donated items and gifts certificates for the fundraising raffle, pub quiz and auction.

Prizes and auction items included return tickets to Cayman Airway’s hubs, the fundraiser’s biggest auction item – a helicopter ride; a meal for six at Pappagallo’s and limo ride home, and a two-hour karaoke gig by the evening’s emcee Vicki Wheaton.

The 45-year-old Scottish nurse passed away on 28 March, 2008. Her long-time partner, Claude ‘Charger’ Bentick, said she had died following complications resulting from keyhole surgery in a Jamaica hospital.

The St. Vincent and the Grenadine’s national, who has captained the Jolly Roger for more than a decade, said Maureen had never regained consciousness following routine surgery to remove her gallbladder.

‘I’m overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support since Maureen’s death.

‘I’d like to thank everyone who came to Thursday’s fundraiser to support little Chloe.’

Further donations to secure Chloe’s future can be made out the Chloe Bentick trust fund c/o account number 10315506 at First Caribbean Bank.