MACI to host Red Ensign

The Maritime Authority of the Cayman Islands will host a number of United Kingdom Red Ensign Group representatives here 5 to 8 May at the Marriott Beach Resort.

It will be the third time the Cayman Islands has acted as host for the organisation over the years. MACI is the corporate parent of the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry.

The prestigious British red ensign is the flag of choice for many of the world’s finest vessels, both pleasure and commercial craft. The Cayman Islands is the world’s leader in the registry of luxury mega-yachts.

Currently there are nearly 2,000 vessels on the Cayman Islands Shipping Registry, established in the port of George Town in 1903. Of those, some 1,277 are pleasure craft, and 403 are commercial vessels. Additionally, there are some 245 ‘new builds’ being constructed at shipyards around the globe which, when launched, will fly the Cayman flag. Cayman is designated ‘Category 1’ status in the Red Ensign Group, meaning it can register ships of unlimited tonnage, type and length.

The annual conference aims to provide an opportunity for an open exchange between delegates from the Red Ensign Group and the various governmental departments associated with maritime policy and crown dependencies and overseas territories.

The event provides a forum for delegates to discuss policies and technical issues relating to current international rule making, maritime legislation, marine pollution prevention, and the welfare of seafarers both for ships registered under Red Ensign flags and for ships under other flags that visit the ports of REG members.

Agenda items for the conference include significant issues suggested by the MCA, by the REG members themselves and by the attending departments of government, including the Department of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office.

Individuals accompanying delegates will have their own programme which will include taking in some of Cayman’s popular attractions such as Boatswain’s Beach, the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park and the National Museum.

Additionally, delegates and their accompanying partners will enjoy a reception hosted by Governor Stuart Jack and his wife Mariko at the Governor’s residence, and a cocktail party hosted by Financial Secretary Kenneth Jefferson.

The Maritime Authority’s CEO, Joel Walton, will host a farewell dinner at Grand Old House.