Lower air fares to GC

With reference to the overnight stay tourism articles that have appeared in your paper, I was searching for flights in August to come from Philadelphia, Penn., or Atlantic City, NJ, to Grand Cayman.

I thought that since it’s a slow time I might see some low return trip fares.


USAIR, A/A and Spirit are all between US$338.55 and $399. Delta was – hold onto your hats – $1,291.55.


Cayman Airways from New York City was $424.

So I looked at a connection from another airline and Cayman Airways, another shock – Cayman Airways return trip Miami, Fla., to GCM was $4140. Only $10 cheaper than from NYC and 1/3 the mileage!

I could get to Ft. Lauderdale or Miami for around $150 return trip.

Wonder why we don’t get more overnight visitors. Airfares and connections are one big reason.

Just as a comparison, Philadelphia, Penn., to Los Angeles, California, fares run about $400 return trip.

If Cuba does open up, we will lose a great percentage of USA tourists. We need to lower airfares to Grand Cayman.

Vincent Macaluso