Good governments

Ivan didn’t interrupt the plans for the Ironwood Forest, the PPM did.

The previous government agreed to save the Heritage Forest. They listened to the public interest groups who wanted to save the forest – they even walked the forest with them to see for themselves what a gem the Heritage Forest really is.

The previous government worked with the Department of Environment, Lands and Survey and Public Works/NRA to realign the proposed road to protect the entire forest. The current government should ask the civil servants who worked on this project and listen to the real background on the matter instead of relying on their usual bullying tactics.

Ask the Governor to check his records from Cabinet on the subject in case current ministers are conveniently (or stupidly) hiding the real truth….yet again. Of course the current government has the prerogative to change or vary from previous government decisions but don’t lie about what really happened before. What really happened before was that several government agencies and ministries actually worked together to plan the road, save the forest and retain the necessary land for the community college – that’s how good governments work.

Careen Ebanks