Design contract awarded

The Central Tenders Committee has awarded Kozaily Designs Ltd a $726,000 contract to provide architectural and consultancy services.

Kozaily Designs will lead a team of architectural consultants to design and oversee construction of a building to house the National Emergency Operations Centre, Hazard Management Cayman Islands, the National Weather Service Office, Telecommunications, 911 Emergency Communications, and a public access and facility functions area

This multi-office structure will be located on Lynhurst Road in George Town.

In response to late-2007 advertisements in both daily newspapers, four contractors submitted bids and the Kozaily Designs tender was selected.

‘Overall the tender from Kozaily Designs was assessed as having the necessary experience to complete this project. [They] complied with all the tender requirements and [were] rated as providing the best value for money,’ said the report compiled by the Departmental Tender Committee (DTC) after examining technical aspects of the bids. As part of the same report, the DTC recommended Kozaily to the CTC.

Arriving at a decision at a winning company for the contract took longer than usual because after opening three of the bids on 25 January, the CTC found that none were fully compliant with the tender requirements. The fourth bid was rejected and returned to the bidder unopened because that company had assisted the DTC in preparing tender specifications.

The three companies were allowed to re-submit their bids by 15 February.

Having examined the re-submitted — and properly completed – bids, the DTC interviewed all on 4 April, and the decision was made to go with Kozaily Designs.