Drink spiking email prompts safety advice

The Royal Cayman Islands Police Service (RCIPS) has expressed concern over an email in circulation which describes a possible drink spiking incident which occurred last weekend.

The email states that a woman had been out socializing with her family and friends on Sunday (April 28) at various establishments when she became ill very quickly. The woman attended her doctor and is said to be recovering well. Although there is no definitive evidence this was a drink spiking incident, it highlights the need for people to be cautious.

‘Although there have been no confirmed cases of drink spiking in the Cayman Islands, we are aware of anecdotal stories of it taking place,’ said Public Relations Officer Deborah Denis. ‘The Cayman Islands is an exceptionally safe place to live but we should not be complacent. People need to remain vigilant when out and about, both here and abroad.’

Ms Denis stressed the importance of reporting incidents immediately.

‘If something like this happens we need to know so we can investigate and build a picture of what happened,’ she said. ‘Drugs used for spiking tend to leave the system quickly so it is crucial we know as soon as possible.’