Expressions of Cayman, on show from Monday

Expressions of Cayman is the latest exhibition to open at The Gallery, Ritz-Carlton.

The group exhibition includes artwork by eight local artists, including Barbra Holmes, Llyod Macaulay, Susan Howe, Louis Brezinski, Julieta Alvarez Macias, Maureen Lazarus, Joanna Austin and Shane Arquat.

The artists have a diverse range of backgrounds and styles, from traditional fine arts to more graphic art styles.

A wide range of mediums will be represented, including oil, acrylic, mixed media, watercolour and photography.

The Cayman Traditional Arts curated exhibition opens this Monday and runs until 4 September. All artworks are for sale.

Joanna Austin

Born and raised in Cayman, Joanna Austin is a local artist and illustrator. She recently graduated from Edinburgh College of Art, Scotland. Past commissions including political magazine covers, portrait drawings and murals. Her work includes a collection of watercolour paintings, featuring familiar scenes around Cayman, from brunch at the Ritz-Carlton to stingrays at the sandbar.

Julieta Alvarez Macias

Born in Argentina, Julieta studied Architecture at the National University of Rosaria, graduating in 2002. Julieta has exhibited her paintings in many solo and group exhibitions in Argentina, Spain and most recently in the Cayman Islands. In addition, she has participated in several group exhibitions, such as the ‘International Art Fair’ held in Seville, Spain

Louis Brezinski

Well known for her watercolour artworks, Louis received her formal art education at The Rhode Island School of Design and then studied graduate printmaking at Montclair State College. She started her own textile design firm in New Jersey, before relocating to Grand Cayman.

Her original watercolours, oils, and numerous commissions, can be found in corporate offices and private collections throughout the US, Europe, and the Caribbean. Her work is included in the permanent collection of the Cayman Islands National Museum and the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands. In addition, one of her watercolours was reproduced on a postage stamp issued by the CI Government. Today, her line of Cayman Colour products, which feature her images, are found throughout the island in gift shops and galleries. Louis is also the featured artists of the Princess Cruise Line fleet.

Barbara Holmes

Barbara ‘Bunny’ Holmes has over thirty years of artistic experience. Her studies in the US include courses at the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL. Barbara is particularly interested in exploring nature’s intrinsic values of pattern, colour and drama and uses reality and fantasy to showcase the Cayman Islands, in all of their glory. Barbara’s award winning work has been shown throughout the US, the Caribbean and Europe.

Susan Howe

Susan was born and raised in Western Canada. Although with a background cantered on the performing arts, visual arts have also played a large role in her life. Susan moved to Grand Cayman 15 years ago, where her love for drawing, painting and photography began to emerge. Largely self-taught, Susan’s work has benefited from workshops with the Academy of Realist Art from Toronto, the Cayman Islands National Gallery and the Visual Arts Society. Her favourite mediums are oil paints, charcoal and chalk pastel, with a focus on realism.

Shane Aquart

Born in Kingston, Jamaica, Shane’s concentration over the past two years has been Dready art, a fun fictional character created by Shane. Dready art starts off as a hand drawn and painted concept; it is then copied into a digital format and finished digitally, after which it is ‘painted’ using the highest quality UV inks, in the style of Giclee, on to fine watercolour stock or Canvas. Aside from art, Dready images appear on T-shirts, Beach bags, caps and post cards and are distributed around the Caribbean from their home in Cayman. Although the art started off representing a ‘character’ it has evolved into a style of art and colour of its own without necessarily incorporating the character himself.

Maureen Lazarus

Maureen studied at the renowned Edna Manley School of Visual Arts in Jamaica and has over 20 years experience painting large-scale billboards and signs in Jamaica. Her colourful paintings have been show at numerous group exhibitions and solo shows over the years as she continues to develop her own artwork in Grand Cayman.

Lloyd Macaulay

Photographer Lloyd Macaulay has long held a passion for photography. Over the past 10 years, he has honed his skills and experimented with styles and subjects during his travels which have taken him from London to New York, Sydney to Bangkok. Arriving in Cayman just over two years ago, his work has focused on Cayman’s natural beauty. The focus of Lloyd’s photography is to capture the extraordinary in the ordinary, to give everyday objects and nature a surreal and elegant twist. His photography is never staged, nor digitally manipulated.