New recital series planned

A new cultural series called the Cayman International Recital Series kicks off next Wednesday with a performance by the Classical Kaiserin String Quintet at a Slow Food event at the Grand Old House.

Musician Katy Orton, who is the driving force behind the new series, said she hopes to arrange about six recitals a year.

‘We know people all over the world who would like to come here and play,’ she said, adding that costs could be kept at a minimum. ‘We’re non-profit, so all we need to do is sell enough tickets to fund the next concert.’

Ms Orton will play cello with four visiting members of the Classical Kaiserin String Quintet next week. The group will perform the Dvorak String Quintet, the Mozart and Haydn String Quartets with bass, Mozart’s Eine Kleine Nacht Musik, Handel’s Water Music and other popular works.

The group will also play the next day at Cayman Prep School, along with the Cayman Brass Quartet.

Ms. Orton said the idea of the recital series was to bring in different types of musicians who could supplement local musicians for performances.

‘Next time we might bring in a wind group, and another time we might play Indian music, so there would be a variety,’ she said, adding that vocalists from the Cayman National Choir and musicians from the Cayman National Orchestra could also take part in some of the recitals.

Not only would the recitals bring in culture for Cayman’s adult residents, but children could learn from it, too, Ms Orton said.

‘With the massive number of children just taking up an instrument, it would be fantastic for them.’

Wednesday’s event, which starts at 7pm, will also include a four-course meal and corresponding wines. The price is CI$125 per person for Slow Food members and CI$140 for non-members.

‘The Grand Old House has been absolutely fantastic in their support for this,’ Ms Orton said. ‘We’re hoping other venues will hear about us and support other events.’