National Gallery explores A Day in the Life

Three artists have been hard at work at the National Gallery over the past few weeks and the results can now be viewed at an exciting new exhibition, A Day in the Life.

Prolific artists Aston Ebanks, Randy Chollette and Cecillia Urdaneta were invited by the National Gallery to set up their studios in the gallery’s Harbour Place location for 10 days.

Following their 10-day stint, the three artists were invited to curate their own exhibition.

The result is three mini solo shows in one, showcasing the work of three very different artists.

National Gallery Assistant Director Natalie Coleman, said the aim of the show is to allow the public an opportunity to view artwork from conception to finished piece.

‘This has been a really exciting exhibition. Members of the public have been able to come in and watch Randy paint, Cecilia has been hard at work on her pottery wheel and Aston has been working on sound and visuals on his laptop.’

Artist and Musician, Randy Chollette’s painting range from realistic to abstract, covering such themes as spirituality, landscape, cultural artefacts and political statements. Evident in his work is his love for Cayman’s natural surroundings, honour towards his African heritage and the observance of brotherhood and humanity.

Randy Chollette’s exhibition showcases the diversity of his work. His easel, paintbrushes and palettes remain set up in the studio.

Aston Ebanks is one of the only video installation artists in Cayman, a passionate photographer and keen activist for the environment. He created Cayman’s largest ever installation piece, The Maze in 2007, and won the prestigious McCoy Prize in 2005.

Aston’s studio area includes a number of video installations exploring Cayman’s environment. Visitors can enjoy the videos from a comfy home-from-home seating area.

Cecilia Urdaneta was born and raised in Venezuela and studied ceramics at the Stetson University of Florida. She is a ceramics instructor for the National Gallery.

Her exhibition explores the ongoing theme of women.

A Day in the Life will be on show until Wednesday, 11 June. The National Gallery is located in Harbour Place on South Church Street, George Town. Opening hours are Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm and Saturday, 11am to 4pm. Call 945-8111 or visit