Retake on issue

In my initial response to this issue, I wrote to your paper: ‘This incident is already being well publicized in the blog-sphere. I am proud and pleased with Director Bush’s quick and thoughtful actions to resolve the matter. Provided some follow-up is done within the RCIP — and some re-education about the law provided to the officer or officers involved – hopefully this incident can be resolved.

‘The truth of the matter, however, is that gay and lesbian tourists and residents encounter harassment in the Cayman Islands every day. The situation may not be as rosy as Director Bush wishes to see it. Nonetheless, her actions are – in my humble view – a step in the correct direction.’

The latest articles in your paper have prompted me to reflect further. (I am living overseas nowadays, in the USA.)

Based on the reports you have published, I will grant that some insensitivity to Cayman’s standards (however anachronistic I might find them personally) seems to have been displayed by the visitor.

Perhaps the officer was simply trying to communicate that Mr. Chandler was offending other patrons.

The matter would likely have been resolved if Mr. Chandler had complied.

The Cayman Islands is still reeling from the abolition of the anti-sodomy statutes in January 2000 by the Crown-in-Council.

We are many years away from having a balanced discussion about extending fair and equal protections to gays and lesbians in our society.

That conversation has to emerge from within.

It doesn’t help when visitors suggest -or act as if – they know better.

Charles D. Bush