Bermuda keen for rematch

One of the coaches of the Bermuda boys’ team that visited Cayman last weekend was so impressed that he is looking forward to making it an annual event.

Cayman U-12 beat Bermuda in a nail biting finish 28-26 and the Under-10s lost 40-0 to their Bermudan counterparts.

It was all played in a terrific spirit with long-term friendships firmly forged.

‘I have to say the tour was a resounding success,’ said Bermudan coach Andrew W Price. ‘The welcome we received and hospitality of the U12 team and coaches were a clear demonstration of what rugby is all about.

‘The boys had a fantastic time and I’m sure are committed rugby players for good now that they have had this experience.

‘I think we prepared the boys well and I was very proud of their performance on and off the pitch.

‘The difference between Sunday knock-about games here in Bermuda and the pace and intensity of an international were there for all to see.

‘Despite losing the actual game most players said it was the best game of rugby they have played.

‘I do hope this is the start of a movement which might see internationals between Cayman and Bermuda expand to include other small rugby nations.

‘The next move is to start preparations for your tour to Bermuda next season. We have much to learn and having a club house and development officer are two of our recommendations.

‘Thank you for hosting our tour and for sharing the spirit of rugby with our boys – the memories will last a long time.’

The Under-12 game was exciting Photo: Submitted