Future go to Hell for best support

Future Sporting Club is one of the most successful clubs in Cayman despite not enjoying as much sponsorship as others.

One of their longest and most loyal sponsors is local businessman Ivan Ferrington, who deserves props for his unstinting support.

Ferrington own the Devil’s Hangout gift shop in Hell but his kindness is anything but a Satanic act.

That’s why Future coach Roy Huta insisted that Ferrington got some praise.

‘We want to highlight the contribution Ivan Ferrington has made as one of our sponsors,’ Huta said.

‘He’s contributed all our training jerseys for all the football teams at Future SC. There are five teams in Future’s programme.

‘The reason why we’re doing this is to show the Cayman public that Future is a self-volunteered organisation and we’re working with a lot of kids in West Bay and we hope and trust that all the other people from the private sector will see and recognise this programme for what it’s worth.

‘Especially in a social and development sense of our young people and hopefully they’ll make a contribution to this club in helping us achieve our goals.’

‘Ferrington has been sponsoring Future SC since the club started in 1999.

‘I don’t have a son but I’ve got two grandsons now and one of them, Aaron, plays for Future,’ he said.

‘He’s doing good. I feel good when I can help kids get out of trouble. But I prefer not to wait till they get in trouble first. This is the time to help them forge together, that’s my philosophy.’

Ferrington also helps the Future basketball men’s Division Two team. He was dressed in full football uniform. ‘I’m 74 and like to think that I’m still kicking.’

Basketball coach Adrean Russell said: ‘Our team mostly comes from West Bay but some come from other parts of the island too and different walks of life and age groups.

‘We also have an Under-19 team. They’re not playing right now but I’ve been coaching them for two seasons now and they’re doing well.

‘Our focus is team work and teaching them responsibility. It’s about grooming better individuals.’

Russell is only 24 and not much older than the youngest players and a lot younger than some. ‘There’s a guy on my team who is 39. It’s nice to have him call me sir!

‘I’d love to see a lot more young Caymanians get into coaching because it’s a great way to give back to the community.

‘You actually see a real return in your investment. It’s nothing monetary but you can see someone a few years from now make something of themselves and you can say: ‘I actually helped them get there.’ That’s where the joy should really come from.

‘We’re building character which is something in this day and age everybody needs.’

Huta added: ‘It’s a great pleasure to see a young man like Adrean taking up that kind of responsibility within the community.

‘We know that overall in the Cayman Islands there is a tremendous lack of leadership. We hope that other young Caymanians will follow his example and even if they only make a difference in one child’s life, that’s a big contribution.’

Ferrington (centre) sponsors all the football shirts

Ferrington also pays for Russell’s basketball uniforms