Iguanas endangered species

On the 3rd of May an unknown group or individual attacked a national Caymanian symbol: our endemic blue iguana.

These beautiful creatures exist solely in the Cayman Islands and are a cultural symbol of which our country should be proud.

They are, however, classified as endangered, and are threatened to near extinction. The members of the Blue Iguana Recovery Program have worked diligently to ensure that this national icon survives in the face of habitat-loss and predators.

I never expected that this list of predators would come to include residents of the Cayman Islands themselves.

Yet, on Saturday night an individual, or group of individuals, deliberately attacked this national symbol.

I cannot imagine what the message of this brutal and moronic attack was meant to be.

I am sure of only one thing: that this has angered and shocked me to the core. As a young Caymanian, this blatant attack on my culture, through the assault against a national icon, cannot be tolerated.

My only hope now is that the people responsible for this disgusting display of ignorance will be apprehended.

These perpetrators have insulted the Caymanian culture and have put an entire species at an even greater risk of extinction.

Hannah Reid